A note from us to you


It’s true: Yakima marches to its own drum. Perhaps because of our native roots and soul, that drumbeat is creative and gritty, and generally a little slower than that of our big-city-friends in the state. But hey, that’s one of the reasons we love it here.

While the pace of life in general may be a little less frenetic, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on. In fact, some may say there is too much to keep track of, so we thought it was time to provide you with an easy-to-use, go-to online resource.

Yakima365 is the Yakima Valley’s first mobile-friendly website offering a valley-wide calendar by locals, for locals; online-only map guides (the IHY Guide to Downtown Yakima is the first of many); the IHY Love List, featuring curated tips and goodies we crush on; and Biz Beatz, an online billboard for community announcements.

We started with positivity on our minds, and Yakima365 carries that spirit forward. We love it here. And we’re thrilled to help make it just a little easier to find the things that you love, too. 

💗 B, J, L

I Heart Yakima

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Yakima365 is a sister business of I Heart Yakima (IHY). IHY began in 2012 as a love letter to our beautiful, unique, growing, yet often under-appreciated valley. That love fueled promotions, projects, events, a social media platform, newsletter, and Yakima-centric apparel celebrating all that is great about our community.

Our focus is building a network for local businesses and brands who are just as dedicated to loving our town – and all the people in it – as we are. We are careful to promote businesses, events, and people which center around our values: positivity, generosity, excellence, innovation, inclusivity, and partnership. We seek to always nurture a strong relationship with our community, in-person and online.

Our IHY Guides and Love List are 100% our own opinions and are no-pay-for-play-ever.

the team

Bridget Russel  |  Bridget can't imagine life without Yakima’s hot summers, Gilbert Cellars Rosé, and walks with her dogs through the Barge-Chestnut neighborhood. She owes her day-to-day happiness to her family (shout-out to Sean, Coleman + Sophie), vibrant community of friends, and her neighbors who have created a little slice of heaven together. She’s co-founder of I Heart Yakima and Yakima365, and is our content creation leader. You can learn more about her work and career life here.

Lauren Lizardo  |  Lauren’s house is on wheels, rolling away as the world calls. She happily and always rolls back to Yakima. She can’t imagine a life without being 15 minutes away from everything, guisado de res from Mercedes, and juicy peaches at the height of summer. She is anchored by a loving community, her family history in the Lower Valley, and the mystery of the many successful local businesses with no websites. Lauren is the financial and technical brain at I Heart Yakima and is co-founder of Yakima365. You can check out her background here.

Jessica Hawkins  |  While located in Loveland, Colorado, Yakima is in Jessica's soul. She pines for things that cannot be sent via snail mail: pambazos at Antojitos, walks through the Barge-Chestnut neighborhood (like her fellow I Heart Yakima co-founder, Bridget), and running into familiar faces nearly everywhere. Her Yakima background includes all things she loves: beer, wine, and civic engagement, so it's only fitting that she is our community engagement guru. She and her son Jack are frequently found sporting I Heart Yakima gear while hiking. You can learn more about her work here.


Kemper Brightman | As soon as Kemper moved to Yakima, he immediately dove head-first (literally) into exploring everything his new home had to offer. From Taco trucks to cliff jumps, Kemper has made it his goal to check out as many restaurants, watering holes and outdoor recreation opportunities as possible in the Valley. If you’re looking for Kemper you’ll probably find him hanging in a harness In the Tieton, grinding up a gravel road on a mountain bike, or pouring drinks and chatting with regulars at Norm’s.