Have a question that isn’t addressed here? Email us at hello@yakima365.com.


How do I submit an event to the Yakima365 Calendar?

It’s free and easy! See tutorial below. Don’t forget to save your username and password!

How do I edit an event that has already been submitted to the Yakima365 Calendar?

See tutorial below. You’ll need your login and password to access your time.ly account here or https://dashboard.time.ly/.

How do I get my event featured in your newsletter or social media channels?

Coming soon, will be the ability to bring more attention to your awesome event. Until then, Team IHY randomly chooses events to highlight or feature in the IHY newsletters or on the IHY FB or IG feeds. Your best chance of being featured is to simply add your event to the Yakima365 calendar!

My event is posted and I have an edit or questions, what do I do?

Contact us here or email hello[@]yakima365.com. We’ll take care of you!


Are there rules to how BizBeatz should be written? (eg. in first person, with the owner/creator/whatever introducing and talking about themselves, or would it be best to do it third person?)

There are no rules. We want people to write in whatever voice they are most comfortable. We see this section as a community billboard or classifieds section. You could write it as a note to Yakima. You could treat it like a social post. You could treat it like a flyer -- what would you put on a flyer on the community corkboard? It could just be a graphic. Think of a board at the library or in the local cafe. All of the info and bits are different and you are trying to find your audience! We welcome your creativity.