The Guide to the Fresh Hop Ale Fest

Fall 2019, Issue 001, Last Update: September 29, 2019

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Yakima’s Fresh Hop Ale Festival (Saturday, October 5th) is routinely ranked one of the best beer festivals in the country, and for good reason: it’s a week-long celebration of our hop culture that culminates in a giant party with beer that is brewed with hops picked straight from the bines of Yakima Valley. Fresh hops typically expire within 24 hours, so the timing to do this is crucial. Limited in release, and each judged by the committee, the freshest of the fresh hop beers happen only once a year, making the Festival entirely unique. Additionally, the Festival offers grants to local arts and science organizations each year, enhancing and bettering our city. In 2018, they gave $101,464 in grants. The 2019 Festival is in an entirely new spot, and continues to get better and better. #WeGrowYourBeer, so drink up!

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Hot Hop Varieties

There are SO MANY varieties of hops – we can’t list them all, but you can read up on them. One cool thing that happens every September in Yakima is selection — when brewers flock to town to find the hops they want to use for the next year, which involves smelling, touching, and examining the hops. Some years, there are certain varieties that are especially sought after. Here are two that Malissa Gatton – Fresh Hop board member, and marketer for Yakima Valley Hops – is especially excited to try in this year’s Fresh Hop beers.

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Must-Drink at the festival

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Beer Week Must Do’s

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In between beers

The Festival gives grants to local arts and science organizations each year such as Tieton Arts & Humanities and the Wenas Mammoth Foundation. In between beers, head out to some of the organizations that the Festival supports.